Sunday, July 25, 2010

Finding Simplicity

You know the rain
in cold sheets
or shining through clouds
among loneliness
and questions
pondered while heard dancing
on windowsills
flooding the streets
among the warmth of blankets
thoughts endless
such confusion
thinking it trying
never ending
a current life of discontent
when simply letting go
the rain cascades warmth
all you see now is simplicity
a life to live
so live it fully
live it well
find happiness
wherever you can
time will heal
hearts will forgive
if knowing you're happy is enough
you already have your answer
let the sun pour down
let your smile radiate
its been too long now
let it be
let it in.

~Megan Wilson~

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Knowing Sight

“The only thing worse than being blind is having sight
but no vision.” ~Helen Keller

“Those things that nature denied to human sight,
she revealed to the eyes of the soul.”

I wander down a hall
known for solace
scarcely decorated
home to pondering

A window lights the end
worn wood floors
a light breeze
catches a single curtain
a chair overlooks the outside
light filters in
shadows scatter

I sit

Elbow to window sill
palm upon my face
lean in timidly to look below
stillness at first
then the sound of voices
withdraw slightly

They talk but do not listen
not enough to notice me
I hear laughter
the kind produced
by someone else as the joke

My stomach somersaults
the sun dimming
I am sheltered away
feeling defeated
knowing they do not know me
do not try

Had I turned around
walked downstairs
met them
I do not think
it would have mattered
this world they see
is not the one I do

I give to moments of laughter
my heart
I take little
always try to leave more
my undoing you see now
this solace a reminder
of ignorance

Trying to open eyes
too convinced they see just fine
when in plain view
they only looked
to what they wanted to believe
the mind will not see
what it cannot accept
so they say

I linger like a statue watching

The floor creaks behind me
I turn slowly
my back now to the light
he says it looks like I have a halo
laughs with me
he's looked closer
the hallway warms

I find myself turning
standing up
to face the blind
aware that now
I am no longer
one of the few
knowing sight.

~Megan Wilson~